Dear Friend,

I’m looking for a profit-hungry trading apprentice…

Someone I can personally train in 2018 to become a successful Forex trader… and help them earn £97,671 or more “on the job” in the next three years.

And I’m hoping it could be you…

Yes, I realise that almost ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS is a big promise… especially when you realise you could make this tax-free and in as little as 30 minutes per day.

(Don’t worry, I’ll show you hard proof in a moment that it could easily be within your reach.)

In fact, I’m confident it could put an end to your search for a profitable trading system forever.

It means you’ll never need to pin all your hopes on the next big system, signal or formula again, to deliver a regular trading income.

Instead, you’ll know EXACTLY why markets move.

You’ll know PRECISELY where the professional money is heading.

And you’ll have TOTAL CONFIDENCE when to enter and exit your trade in order to bank the greatest profits.

What’s more, you’ll have support and live on-the-job coaching from a professional trader every step of the way.

Best of all, you can COPY my personal trades. Yes, that means you can simply follow what I do in the markets until you feel confident enough to make your own trades.

I’ve never made an offer like this before.

That’s why I’m only looking for the most motivated people for this opportunity.

While you don’t need any previous trading experience, you do need to be serious about taking action and putting in the effort required.

So to make sure I am attracting the right people, I’m only keeping this invitation open for the next seven days.

If your experience is anything like most serious traders, then chances are you’ve suffered from following strategies that simply don’t work over the long term.

The result is you are forced to buy yet ANOTHER strategy… often with exactly the same results.

If that describes you then I’d urge you to take this invitation very seriously. And if you are completely new to trading and not sure where to start, this is definitely for you.

It’s a proven way to become a successful home-based Forex trader – without needing to go it alone or spend a fortune on expensive workshops or software.

Imagine having the chance to trade from home without relying on systems that stop working after a few months…

….without pinning your hopes on a signal that only works in certain conditions…

….without depending on the whims of a ‘trading guru’ you’ve never met.

Instead, you can make your own informed trading decisions… yet with the safety net of a mentor who keeps you focused, improves your performance and even shares his trades with you.

As you’ll appreciate, this kind of opportunity isn’t normally open to home-based traders. It’s often too difficult and time consuming for professional traders to provide. To be honest, it’s just not worth it financially.

And let’s be realistic, ‘proper’ City traders never learn this way.

They don’t start gambling with the company’s millions. Instead they’re mentored by an experienced professional and guided through real trades until they are ready to go it alone.

It’s like you’re learning to fly a commercial aircraft.

Trainee pilots first take to the skies with someone else at the controls. With each new flight they take a little more control… until they can fly solo. Even THEN, there’s still a co-pilot they can rely on if they need a second opinion on a particular trade.

And that’s EXACTLY what I am offering you today.

As one of my students you can ‘take to the skies’ with me as your instructor, making real trades… while you earn “on the job” until you have the skills, techniques and confidence to make your own income, trading when you want, from where you want.

And please don’t worry about finding the time to learn.

While City traders need to be at their desk all day, you don’t.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you work full-time, or have a hectic lifestyle with family commitments, children, pets, hobbies or unpredictable hours.

This is something that can easily fit around your schedule in as little as 30-60 minutes per day (or night).

You can trade during the morning… afternoon… evening … whatever suits you.

However, there is one condition…

This is definitely NOT for people who want a lazy, push button trading signal that they can simply fire up and hope it earns money.

Nor is it suitable for ‘systems junkies’ who love buying courses to make them feel better, but always give up after a few weeks or months.

This is about learning how to become a successful home-based Forex trader, spotting and executing profitable trades with the confidence of a professional.

So you must be willing to invest time and effort in order to get results.

That means watching my demonstrations, following my instructions and asking questions if you are unsure about anything. (In my experience people who fail to make money are those who fail to follow a proven plan.)

If you can do that, I’ll show you how to identify when and where the professional money is flowing in and out of the Forex market… and how to setup trades that profit from this activity.

I’ll introduce you to each of my strategies, step by step, with “on the job” training in real scenarios, where you get to keep all the profits from your trades.

In the early stages, you just observe and learn while I do all the research, analysis and trade-selection for you.

I’ll show you exactly what to trade, how much to stake, when to close out with a profit…. even how to raise your stop loss so you make a trade with zero risk.

You’ll get real-time access to my trades so you can copy them yourself (yes, that’s the lazy bit!)

As you gain confidence, I’ll step back a bit to become more of a mentor, there to help whenever you need me…

Ultimately, the aim is to get you to a point where you won’t need me at all. Instead you’ll find and make profitable trades all by yourself….

You’ll be a highly confident trader, with the knowledge and skills to earn money from home at times that you decide.

So if you’re hungry to make a long-term income from home trading, part time or full time, I’d need to hear from you as soon as possible.

In fact, this invitation is only open until Wednesday 14th February, so you need to act fast

My name is Rich Fitton.

I’m a professional FX trader, and editor of Trader’s Nest, a Forex trading e-Letter that goes out to over 11,000 home traders each week.

My aim is to make Forex trading profitable and enjoyable for serious people like you.

You see, the feedback I get again and again from people is just how frustrated they have become with the level of training and resources out there.

They’re bombarded with promises of ‘easy’ solutions that work in theory, but are tricky and confusing to implement in real day-to-day trading conditions.

A trading signal might earn them a return… for a while at least…. but when it stops working after a few weeks or months they’re left searching for the next one…

Here’s the problem: the creators
of these systems are too short sighted

These trading gurus base their strategies on too small a sample of market conditions – typically less than 12 months – rather than standing back and seeing the long-term picture.

And that’s why when conditions do change (as they always do) they find their once ‘deadly accurate’ trading signals suddenly stop working altogether.

And it’s because most people are following these blinkered trading systems, that most home-based traders are destined to fail… jumping from one system to another… wasting a small fortune on short term solutions… and never achieving the results they hoped for.

That’s because they never learn the fundamentals of how to trade.

They don’t develop the skills to read what’s really happening in the markets or the confidence to make the right calls, based on logic and probability.

I think it’s a shame.

For me, the only way to become a truly successful trader is to learn through direct experience… alongside seasoned professionals who know what they’re doing.

After all, how do you think a newbie trader starts in The City?

Does a trading firm hand over millions and let them get on with it?

Do they make them read a book of theory, and then tell them to generate a fortune?

Do they hand them a bunch of ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ signals and tell them to rely on those without asking why?

Of course not – If making money from trading was that easy, everyone would do it.

It would be like having your own ‘free cash machine’.  (In fact, that is how some dodgy trading gurus like to flog their systems!)

I’m sure you appreciate that ‘proper’ trading is more than just following signals, or drawing a line between points on a chart.

It’s about understanding how and why markets move… as well as psychology, discipline and risk control. It’s also about having the confidence to act and react logically when you see an opportunity.

These skills only develop over time when you trade in real life.

That’s why I’ve decided to take a bold step and launch the FX Flow Trader Training Programme, a service that helps you train, learn and earn, just like a professional – but at home, in your own hours, and at your own pace.

I’ll fast-track your trading skills… and
help you turn £1,000 into £97,671

For the next 7 days only I’m looking to take on new apprentices – at all levels of trading experience, to train, mentor and even open up my own trades so they can copy and learn.

Through my new online programme you’ll learn, step-by-step, every strategy I use in my daily Forex trading to earn a full-time living.

  • The theory and learning consists of short, fun, bite-sized videos, so you don’t need to commit more than 30 minutes a day
  • I don’t mind whether you’re a seasoned trader or you’ve not traded before, as my coaching can adapt to your abilities.
  • You can trade at hours that suit you best, day or night…
  • You don’t need to fly solo until you want to – I’ll coach you and support you for as long as you need.

The aim is for you to sharpen your trading skills, while earning as much as £97,671 in three years from a £1,000 starting bank, or £48,835 from just £500.

Look, here’s how it works….

The secret is to reinvest your profits from a series of small regular trades… and allow compounding to increase your stake and returns.

For example, starting with a £1,000 bank, and never staking more than 2-3% on any single trade, your trading pot would grow to £21,000 within two years.

Within 3 years you could have as much as £97,671… and yet never have to spend more than 20-60 minutes trading on any given day.

Ok, I know what you might be thinking right now…

“Come on Rich, is it really possible
to make £97,671 within 3 years
from part-time forex trading?”

Now, I totally respect a healthy dose of scepticism.

I mean, if such big profits were possible, wouldn’t we all be billionaires by now?

All those hyped-up promises of instant riches from trading, or any other ‘easy’ way to make money, make me want to stick forks into my eyes.

That’s why I like to use the unquestionable might and power of mathematics to illuminate any profit-seeking venture I might be considering.

Take the idea of making £97,671 inside three years with a £1,000 starting bank. Let me show you how it works…

In week one you place five trades, each risking 2% (£20) of your account:

Trade 1: Loses -2% (-£20)
Trade 2: Loses -2% (-£20)
Trade 3: Wins +4% (+£40)
Trade 4: Loses -2% (-£20)
Trade 5: Wins +5% (+£50)
Net result for the week = +3% (+£30)

You put your £30 profit back into the pot and kick-off week two with £1,030 in your trading bank…

Trade 6: Loses -2% (-£20.60)
Trade 7: Wins +4% (+£41.20)
Trade 8: Loses -2% (-£20.60)
Trade 9: Wins +5% (+£51.50)
Net result for the week = +5% (£51.50)

Again, you return the £51.50 back into your trading bank and week three opens with £1,081.50.

Here’s what happens in week three…

Trade 10: Loses -2% (-£21.63)
Trade 11: Wins +2% (+£21.63)
Trade 12: Loses -2% (-£21.63)
Trade 13: Wins +3% (+£32.45)
Net result for the week = +1% (+£10.82)

The £10.82 winnings go into the pot and trading continues in the same fashion for week four, week five, and so. on

Now, as you’ll see from the example record of trades from these first three weeks, an average 3% return per week was achieved.

And believe it or not, a 3% average return, reinvested into the £1,000 starting bank, will have grown to £4,515 by the end of the year.

You’d be looking at £21,000 by the end of year two.

And an eye-popping £97,671 by the end of year three!

Would every week be a winning week? No, of course not!

Some weeks will show a net loss.

Other weeks will show bigger gains.

That’s why it’s important to keep a long-term overview of your trading campaign, and keep a close eye on the average performance.

(This is what let’s you take the inevitable losing periods in your stride.)

But a robust strategy – one that embraces losing trades as well as winners in order to achieve net positive results – is just the kind of strategy that will let you grow a small account, quickly.

You can be nimble with your smaller account, outperforming the hedge-funders and the unwieldy size of their funds.

And you can be as aggressive as you like – no need to put an acceptably conservative ‘public face’ to your trades in order to attract investors.

Of course, things get interesting once your trading bank has swollen and big cash numbers are suddenly involved…

A trade size of 2% of your £100k account means risking £2,000 per trade, maybe four or five times a week.

Would you be comfortable trading at this level? Maybe.

Or maybe you’d scale your size down to 1% per trade at this stage. And you’d perhaps start withdrawing regular lifestyle-funding payments from your account now.

You’d be wise to do so.

I mean, can you imagine the psychological pressures of risking seven figures of your own money per trade, multiple times per week?

No, me neither.

But getting that first flush of explosive growth under your belt – going from a small account of £1,000 or even £500 to a very respectable lump in a year or two… isn’t that the kind of return you would be happy with?

And if you’d like to be part of an exclusive group of traders with this specific mission in mind – applying a proven and effective strategy for fast growth, and getting personal support every step of the way – then make sure you join FX Flow Trader apprenticeship today.

At first, you can follow my trades… and then, as your confidence grows, you’ll start to make some of your own trading decisions, but without ever feeling you’re on your own.

That’s because I’ll be there to help every step of the way.

You can watch my live demonstrations. You can use my research and market analysis. And you can ask me questions any time, no matter how ‘dumb’ or ‘obvious’ you think they are.

Like any apprenticeship with a mechanic, marketing agency or carpenter – most of the tricky work in the early months is done for you by an experienced mentor.

You’ll get certain “done for you” elements to help you along the way.

Copy my trades while you gain confidence

For instance, as well as teaching you how to use proven trading tools and techniques, I’ll make sure you can copy my trades each month – these include entry levels, stop losses and ‘take profit’ targets.

These will only risk 2-3% of your account but could make you as much as 150% returns from swings in the market.

You then have the option to take your profits or let the trade run for even more potential gains.

You could make a reward 4 or 5 times the risk!

The beauty of this is that you don’t need to sit for hours studying theory or working through countless modules and courses.

You’re earning an income from the start, while getting more knowledgeable with every trade you take.

If this practical “hands on” approach is up your street (and it is for most people I expect!) then please put your name down for FX Flow Trader Training Programme today.

To make your decision even easier, you can
also have a risk-free 30-day trial 

Look, I don’t expect you to take any of this based on blind trust.

You might not know who I am.

Perhaps you’re not even sure yet if Forex trading is for you.

This is why I’m taking on apprentices on a trial basis.

Join today and I’ll give you the access code to the private members’ website where you can see everything up front.

Then you’ll start to receive my weekly alerts giving you updates and further guidance.

Watch the training videos, follow my trades, ask questions on the community forum and see how the other traders are doing.

It’s all very friendly and open.

You don’t need to rush through the course or panic about missing out crucial stages.

This is something you can manage from the comfort of your home, and on a schedule that suits you.

The trial period lasts a full 30 days.

In that time, you can opt out for any reason you choose and receive a full refund.

If you decide to continue as my apprentice, you can still leave at any time, for instance when you think you can trade alone without my help.

Saying that, you might not want to miss out on the monthly swing trades that I research and pick for you!

And that’s another benefit of FX Flow Trader.

You can take a break, go on holiday or even trade overseas – it’s completely up to you. You don’t have to trade every week and you can always copy my trades if you want a lazy month.

This is all about finding a way to trade profitably over the long-term that works for you.

Oh, and let me make something clear….

This is not a get-rich-quick system

Yes, if followed correctly you can make great money… but like any skill worth learning, it takes time…

You’re not about to get a golden trading formula or an automated push-button cash generator.

This is an ongoing online apprenticeship where I teach you my techniques and share my actual trades… then support you as you implement them in real situations.

With a bit of patience, practise and discipline, the proven trading techniques will become second nature and allow you to grow a small starting pot into a significant income.

The aim is that with a starting bank of £1,000, at 2-3% stakes, your bank will grow to £21,000 in the next two years… and £97,671 in three years

Of course, you need to be realistic.

There will be losses.

There will be times when you make the wrong call or a trend might reverse and go against you.

And that’s GOOD. That’s precisely how real traders learn.

However, you’ll never feel you’re on your own, because you’ll have the safety net of an expert alongside you for every single step.

Within three months (maybe less, maybe more, depending on your current experience) you’ll have all the skills and knowledge you need to pick your own trades… yet you’ll still be able to enjoy my ongoing support and encouragement…. and you will STILL get tasty swing trades from me every month that you can copy.

In fact, I’ll be with you until you’re truly 100% independent and don’t need me anymore.

Even then I’ll keep sharing my best trades with you – after all, who doesn’t fancy a lazy week or two now and then where someone else does the hard work?

However, it all begins here with this invitation.

If you’re up for serious Forex training that you can do in your own time, at your own pace, with constant support and coaching from a professional… PLUS the ability to copy my trades… then please claim your place right now.

Join the FX Flow Trader Training Programme today and you’ll get…

  • A step-by-step online video training course in which I share my strategies in a way that’s easy to follow. You can add each strategy to your growing portfolio of skills. Each one is a building block towards full independence.
  • THREE new coaching videos per month. I’ll explain exactly what’s happening in the markets and show you the trades I’ve got lined up. This is the practical alternative to ploughing through coursework full of charts and technical training.
  • Monthly live webinars – this is where you get to interact, ask questions and find out how a trader’s mind works in real situations. This is the virtual version of being in my office, sat by my desk, learning the ropes.
  • Member’s website and Market Dashboard where you’ll get private access to a live ‘hit-list’ of hot currency pairs (e.g.: US Dollar/British Pound), where I help you create a trading plan for the day.You’ll have clear indicators that show you what to do. I’ll show you which particular markets are shaping up to be good potential trades, where the price action fulfils our trade criteria and more. On an end-of-day basis I’ll show you which markets are ‘neutral’ and which are ‘STRONG BUY’ or ‘STRONG SELL’ so you go into the next trading day armed with this essential information.
  • Monthly Trade Debrief – I’ll review the best trades of the previous month to show you opportunities you may have missed and how you could have profited from them. These real world examples will help demonstrate my strategies in a clear and practical way.
  • I’ll give you up to 3 swing trades each month with entry levels, stop losses and ‘take profit’ targets. As a beginner (or if you’re too busy that week) you can simply copy them, effortlessly, for a potential 150% return. Or if you like you can run with the trades and close them based on your own decision, going for even more profits.
  • A Trading Forum – here’s where you can talk to me and other FX Flow apprentices, ask questions or share knowledge and experience.  Because let’s face it, trading can feel a bit lonely at times. As long as you are a member you can access this private forum whenever you need a boost.

As you can see, the FX Flow Trader Apprenticeship is all about you earning an income from my trades while learning my strategies and developing your own trading skills.

I don’t believe there is a more complete course available that offers you on the job training.

You’ll never need to pay for a
Forex trading strategy again

Join FX Flow Trader Apprenticeship today and you’ll have full control over your financial destiny – with my help and support for as long as you need it. (But I hope that you’ll soon be your own boss when it comes to Forex trading).

So how much would you invest in something that could deliver you a tax-free income for years to come?

Well most vocational courses that train you in anything from creative writing to accountancy to stock market trading will cost as much as £3,000 or more, easily.

That’s not to mention how much a University degree costs – and with that you don’t even earn as you learn.

What I want to do with this apprenticeship approach is charge you for my training, time and expertise in the lowest way possible.

The official annual subscription fee to join the programme is just £564.

However, if you take advantage of my Valentine’s Day offer, before midnight 14th February, then you can lock in a 30% discount.

It means you can get my trades, my support and full training for just £395 for the next year!

Plus that discount will be locked in so if you decide to continue you can keep that incredible 30% discount for as long as you want!

If you prefer I can also offer you the chance to pay on a monthly basis.  When you choose this option you pay just £47 a month for as long as you want to continue on the programme, even better I’ll even discount your first month so you can try it for just £23.50.

(As you’ve just seen, even a very modest £500 starting bank could grow to £2,257 in one year… repaying your investment in training many times over.)

Remember, this is all on an unconditional trial basis, so you can walk away at any time in the next 30 days without risking a penny.

You can get full access, follow the trades (paper trade if you wish), learn the strategies and yet still claim a full refund – for whatever reason – inside of the 30 days.

Even after that, you can unsubscribe from the course whenever you choose and get a pro-rated refund on any outstanding subscription.

Also bear in mind I’ll be giving you at least two to three swing trades of my own each month…

So you’ll mostly likely make back your fee in your first three months, probably even more.

The ultimate outcome of this is that within a year you could easily be earning £500-£1,000 a month tax-free part-time from home.

You could start profiting with your first trades

As soon as you reserve your place today you’ll get instant access to everything in the FX Flow Trader Training Programme.


  • PRO TRAINING PORTAL – you’ll have access to a full online course in Forex trading, with professional coaching to improve your skills in bite size steps – including short videos, hands-on homework, quizzes and other checks on your progress.
  • FAST TRACK RESULTS – quickly improve in your trading knowledge without trawling through books and endless reams of theory.
  • SCIENTIFIC TRADING – The tools, strategies and confidence you need to trade what’s actually happening in the markets each day – no ‘predicting’ or second-guessing. All your decisions will be based on logic and probability.
  • FOLLOW THE MONEY! The secret to following the professional money as it moves in and out of the currency markets, profiting as they push the price up or down in significant moves.
  • A daily HOT MARKET INDICATOR that always tips the odds in your favour, with clear indicators that show you what to do.
  • SET AND FORGET TRADES! As part of your trading plan, you’ll also know exactly where to place your profit target. Once the market hits this your trade will close automatically
  • COMPOUND YOUR PROFITS over time so that you can make an ever-increasing income without resorting to high-risk strategies.
  • COMPLETE FREEDOM to trade markets that suit the best time of day (or night) for you.

At the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll walk away with a lifetime skill and the knowledge, ability and confidence to trade in any Forex market.

No more relying on ‘trading gurus’.

No more churning through endless expensive courses.

No more narrow strategies and rules that stop working after a few weeks or months.

Instead, within days you could be trading profitably, alongside me, learning (and earning) as you go… and all in as little as 30-60 minutes per day…

I hope that sounds good to you, and I can’t wait to start trading with you.

But please don’t delay your decision too long… the 30% discount and 30-day risk-free trial offer is ONLY open for 48 hours and will close on Wednesday the 14th of February.

Click here to guarantee your place.

Best Wishes

Rich Fitton

FX Flow Trader Training Programme

PS: I’m looking for the most eager, committed candidates to join me in this apprenticeship. And to give you an extra incentive, you can claim a full 30% discount on the official annual subscription fee… if you join by midnight, Wednesday the 14th of February.

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